Copper Post Caps

Avoid Rot With Post Caps
A Pound of Copper is Worth a Ton of Cure!

All Copper Comes Natural and
will Develop a Patina Over Time

Sedona Post Cap

Sedona Post Caps
A handsome yet economical solution for preserving your deck posts. Machine formed of heavy gauge copper 1" tall. Comes with 3 copper tacks. Tiara Post Cap

Tiara Post Caps
A handmade, custom constructed cap. Very ornate and ideal for adding that rustic touch to your log deck posts. 2" tall. Tiara Post Caps are not pre-drilled or come with copper tacks or screws - to install, use an outdoor adhesive like Puttylastic. What is nice about Puttylastic is that it stays tacky, making it easy to remove and replace the post cap if the post needs to be replaced. 

Install Post Caps with a quality outdoor adhesive, see Puttylastic.

To Measure Post Caps:
Take the widest diameter across the top of your deck post. Cap styles are made in 1/4" increments. It is up to you if you want them to drop over the posts or simply chisel some material away for a snugger fit. Notes: All copper is provided in the natural state and will develop a beautiful patina over time. Copper does go through a darkening and uneven color stage in the process. Minor mars, imperfections, and/or color variations are characteristics of copper and virtually disappear as copper ages and develops its' patina. Due to the custom nature of these products, we are NOT responsible for improper measurements provided to us.

Post Caps are made to size on the 1/4"
- Larger Sizes Available; Call for Quote -

Call to Order 1-800-359-6614

Call to Order 1-800-359-6614