Interior Log Home Finishes

Product Cleanup *Coverage Coats Application Temp.
Capture W 150-300 2 Capture + 1 Cascade 40° to 90° F
Organiclear IWF Interior Wood Stain S 200-400 1 50° to 80° F
Outlast Inside Interior Wood Finish W 400 1-2 Above 40° F
PolySeal W 250-400 2-3 65° to 80° F
ProLuxe Cetol BL Interior W 450-550 2 50° to 80° F
ProLuxe Cetol UV Interior W 450-550 2 50° to 80° F
Sansin Classic W 150-250 2 + 1 Purity (Clear UV or Arctic Clear) 60° to 80° F
Sansin Purity Interior W 200-500 2-3 59° to 68° F
Sansin Wood Sealer | Gary Gray Wood Sealer W 100-200 1 flood coat over bare wood 45° to 77° F
Symphony SW 200-500 2-3 50° to 90° F
UV Guard Wood Finish SW 150-500 2 + 1 Clear 40° to 90° F
*Coverage: Rate based on average sq. ft. per gallon (depending on porosity of wood surface).
S = SOLVENT W = WATER SW = Water or Solvent (Depends on Elapsed Time)
Note: All finishes that are sprayed on need to be back brushed for proper surface penetration. Sashco products are freeze-thaw stable.

Log cabin homes are worthwhile, but significant investments, making maintenance a priority for owners. In order to protect your valuable logs from early erosion, it's prudent to add the right finish to your home. Not only will the finish protect your logs, it will also help improve the aesthetics of your log home, and make the interior or exterior even more visually appealing.

Proudly, we offer log home stain and interior wood stain from Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. These products will protect your log home from decay and deterioration, while also augmenting the look of your logs to make your home appear brand new.

Please pay close attention to the recommend numbers of coats for the product you are applying. For more information about a particular finish, please click on the product's name or image, or of course, you can always contact us with any questions you may have.

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