Lifeline Endure Deck Finish

Endure Has Been Replaced By Vista Deck

Endure and Vista Deck are NOT Compatible.

Find out more about Vista Deck here.

Lifeline Endure is a one coat deck stain that protects decks from water and snow while providing outstanding resistance to graying due to the sun's UV rays. This low environmental impact formulation is scuff and abrasion resistant but does not get slippery, even when wet. Use Lifeline Endure for wood decks and other horizontal surfaces as well as railings, posts, and trim. Made in the USA. Not for use on aromatic cedar.
Application: Airless Sprayer, Brush, or Pad.
Application Temperature:
Coats: 1
Coverage: 300-400 sq. ft. per gal.
Soap and Water.
Drying Time: Dry to the touch in 2-4 hours, cures in 72 hours.
Shelf Life: 1 year; Do not freeze.
Surface Prep: Clean and dry, free of mold and mildew.