Handbook of Canadian Log Building

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The Handbook of Canadian Log Building by F. Dan Milne covers log home construction step-by-step, with chapters on log floor joists, screw jacks, log scribing, log home roof systems, electrical work, plumbing, installation of doors and windows, and more! Packed with over 120 full color photos and 68 precise, black and white illustrations. 148 pages. (Softcover). Nonreturnable.

ISBN-10: 091923108X ISBN-13: 978-0919231085

log building scriber specialScriber Special: We are often asked how to use a log scriber. We suggest the Handbook of Canadian Log Building. It has an excellent, full color pictorial on how to use a scriber as well as other aspects of log construction. To help you get started with your own log building project, we offer a $10.00 Discount if you buy one of our scribers and this book. If you call in your order, just ask for the “Scriber Special”If you are ordering online, your discount will be applied after we receive your order. For more detailed technical information on log building we recommend the Log Construction Manual by Rob Chambers.